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"Branded Call is like everybody’s wearing a nametag when they’re meeting, making it much easier to say hello to each other. It cuts through the awkwardness.”
Justin Ryan Marks. Co-founder of Quotehound and VP of Marketing at Quantum Assurance


Quantum’s 150 sales agents make 500,000+ calls a month to reach consumers interested in receiving quotes for auto, life, and homeowners coverage.

When today’s tech-savvy and independent consumers need to choose an insurance policy, they are increasingly likely to take a do-it-yourself approach. In insurance, this means cutting out the agent or broker and purchasing coverage directly from the insurance company. Insurance companies like Quantum Assurance are following consumers’ leads, reinventing the game, and creating truly consumer-centric models that break down barriers to communicate directly with their audience.



Low Answer Rates and High Spam Scores Negatively Impacted Business

Quantum struggled to break through the noise and frustration of robocalls and unsolicited calls to get their calls answered. With the scale of phone calls Quantum makes, the negative impact on their business was massive, both in terms of acquisition costs and agent productivity. In addition, they were often having to make 7 or 8 call attempts before a consumer would answer and their spam score was going up right along with the number of call attempts it was taking to get through.



Leading Conversations with Trust and Purpose

Quantum Assurance implemented Hiya to provide identity on their outbound calls and influence their ability to contact prospective customers who are actively seeking information about insurance options. It took them only 48 hours to get up and running on Hiya. Trust is a core tenet of Quantum Assurance’s business offerings and now, with Hiya Connect, they establish brand trust on the first call attempt with their logo and reason for their call prominently displayed. Before, when they even answered, customers were defensive until the sales agent managed to explain who they were and the reason for their call. But now, the customer knows it’s a return call they’re expecting and they eagerly answer the call, ready to talk business. These results have translated into a material lift in agent effectiveness as they spend less time explaining who they are and more time discussing options with consumers. It has increased the conversion of opportunities and significantly decreased CAC, savings that Quantum is using to reinvest in the growth of their business.


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