MasMovil partnered with Hiya to offer its customers best-in-class spam and fraud call protection services in Spain.
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Reach more customers with Branded Call

Add your company name, logo, and call reason to your outbound calls. And watch answer rates skyrocket.

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Without Hiya

Based on outdated Caller ID technology
Calls are unidentified or  inaccurately labeled
Limited or no branding

With Hiya Branded Call

Purpose-built for the mobile world
Real-time updates directly integrated into the call flow
Brand your calls with name, logo, and call reason
The Hiya story

Voice Performance Gap

5 Billion
mobile subscribers worldwide
$2 Trillion
in commerce conducted annually
$1.8 Trillion
Invested in voice infrastructure since 2010
Increase in robocalls year over year

Unwanted calls are drowning out legitimate ones. Answer rates are plummeting. Customers are complaining. And business results are declining.

Why it matters

Why it matters:

5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide

The voice network is the world’s largest, but lacks critical layers of trust, identity and intelligence.

1.8 Trillion invested since 2010

Despite massive investments, the voice network remains overrun by unwanted and unidentified calls.

79% of unknown calls go unanswered

The voice performance gap impacts all areas of business.


Overcome the gap with the Hiya Voice Performance Platform

and bring trust, identity, and intelligence to your voice calls

Hiya Connect

Access voice metrics and insights to exceed business goals with self-serve analytics
Monitor and manage reputation health to stop inaccurate spam labeling
Display name, logo, and call reason with Branded Call
Protect your identity by preventing spoofing with Secure Call
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Hiya Protect

Outsmart even the most sophisticated fraudsters with machine-trained, continuously-learning trust models
Stay a step ahead of spam and fraud calls with real-time detection and automatic fraud blocking
Leverage the industry’s highest detection rate and lowest error rate to ensure legitimate calls are not flagged or blocked
Categorize spam calls in 15 categories to give users more information to decide when to answer
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Hiya App

Identify calls you want to answer and block the numbers you want to avoid, all from your personal device
Access call management options like auto-blocking and reverse phone number lookup
Join the millions of users who trust the Hiya app to stay protected
Available for Android and iOS
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With Hiya,
At&t favicon
has blocked billions of fraud calls,
Penske white logo
has doubled their answer rates, and
Samsung logo small
has protected millions of devices with Smart Call technology.
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The voice of the customer

"Hiya provided us a solution for caller identification and now we can guarantee to customers that this isn’t spam, it’s our company calling. We’ve seen our actual contact rates for outbound campaigns double. This has been fantastic for our outbound team and has helped us go that extra step."

Emerson Jacobelli

Director of Consumer Contact Center, Penske

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